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Under its digital broadcast trademark Teledünya, one of the newest services offered via the cable infrastructure of Türksat, subscribers are offered standard digital TV broadcasts and high-resolution HD TV broadcasts. “Teledünya” subscribers can watch digital and HDTV broadcasts from various countries and cultures like “Korea, Japan, Kazakhstan, Germany, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, France, USA, Qatar, China, Azerbaijan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Kosovo, ” within the framework of the understanding of “Television of the World” and can have access to many interactive services like pay-TV, games, tele-education and tele-shopping through a single TV cable.


  • Teledünya, a large number of television channels in Turkey and around the world watched with admiration, as well as superior image and sound quality, economical prices, you can watch a broadcast platform. This platform includes two packages: Basic Package and Cinema Package.
  • The national and international celebrity of channels is broadcast in SD and HD quality at the Teledunya platform. HD technology is the live image and clear sound.
  • Teledünya does not required dish antenna . Connection provided via cable TV line. Teledunya requires set top box.
  • Set-top boxes uses in Teledunya systems, to transform the signal from the cable to a form that can be used by the television. If you have a TV whis is equipped with Mpeg-4 DVB-C tuner you may use a conax module instead set top box.
  • Teledünya has fast technical service and  you do not pay the materials fee such as spare parts and cable.
  • Teledünya offers you a wide variety of hd, digital channels so there's always something on when you want to watch TV.
  • Teledünya Set-Top-Box has EPG facility. You can access the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) using the remote control for your set top box. This feature allows the user to instantly have access to streams of all broadcast channels and can receive information related to programs.
  • If Teledunya channels change (new ones are added, some are removed and others move to different channel numbers), the channel list will be updated automatically by Teledünya set-top box.
  • Teledunya systems carry radio stations as well as TV channels. So you you can find some listened with admiration Radio stations too.



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