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Another new service offered by Türksat via its cable infrastructure is the high-speed broadband internet (10 Mbps and more) service provided under the trademark “Uydunet”. Türksat offers great advantages in internet and interactive services with its technical superiority in fiber optical cable platform, band width and two-way communication. “Uydunet” provides its subscribers with real broadband internet access through its cable infrastructure and overseas internet exit via satellite. In addition to 512 Kbps, 1024 Kbps, 2048 Kbps, 4096 Kbps, 6144 Kbps, 8.192 Kbps and 10.240 Kbps speed options, “Uydunet”, offers privileged services to its business customers with 10 Mbps and more high-speed broadband internet access. “Uydunet” subscribers can also benefit from all services such as 7/24 support and maintenance service, unlimited quota or limited quota internet services whereby you pay as much as you use, Secure Internet (Firewall, filtering, port restriction, Antivirus, Anti Spam) and Clean Internet (Parental control, URL filtering) offered to existing cable internet users.


Uydunet is a internet service that you connect to the internet via TURKSAT Cable TV network through a modem connected to your computer. Cable TV networks has superiority for bandwidth and technical advantages of the two-way communication with the Internet, data and interactive services.

With the Uydunet services, internet speed is not affected by adverse weather conditions or distance.


  • Uydunet connection is via Cable TV lines. 21 cities in Turkey has internet service (uydunet) provided over cable TV lines.
  • Uydunet with a subscription to the telephone line is not needed.
  • Get a static IP address, corporate service can give.
  • You can request an IP block.
  • Uydunet in 24 hours 7 days by paying a fixed fee of up to 1024 Kbps to 20 Mbps speed options by selecting one of the most affordable price Unlimited or Pay As You like to take advantage of internet service.
  • Uydunet in a two-way transactions (upload / download) can be simultaneous.
  • Uydunet at the speed you choose "real" speed.
  • Uydunet subscribe to the wired broadband capacity provided by the technology of different speed options you need, or Pay As You Go Unlimited tariff may be preferred.
  • Uydunet in Pay As You Go subscription, your use of the package you choose the most appropriate. 1GB up to the subscriptions, if you exceed this limit, you'll pay for each GB of charge only 3 TL.
  • Uydunet of Pay As You Go tariff you choose, will be updated every 6 hours of Internet traffic via online transactions are able to see.
  • Cable TV and Interactive TV Teledünya services, offering an unbeatable because of the infrastructure will enjoy watching TV, VoIP, also benefit from services such as PPV.




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